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I live by four simple rules:

1. Don't be a dick.
2. Don't fuck it all up.
3. Don't forget to be kind.
4. Don't forget to have fun.

Astonishingly, they kind of cover every imaginable situation. And yes, I broke all of them in the past, too. I just try to not let it happen again.

Let's be excellent to eachother, you little pooptooters ♥️

Long, good, disconcerting read: "Robot-soldiers, stealth jets and drone armies: the future of war"

(Note: I've linked to Outline to get around The Financial Times paywall.)

"All 16,000 buses in the fast-growing Chinese megacity [Shenzhen] are now electric, and soon all 22,000 taxis will be too"

That is impressive AF. 👏🏻

"The Digital Maginot Line" is an very, very good explanation and roundup of the current information war. Long, precise, important. Absolute must-read.

Working FIDO U2F support for Safari! This is good news.

Yes, it's not "native" U2F support but I'll take what I can get.

Omar Najam on Twitter: "I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier"


Ich musste lachen. Städte sollten Autos ähnlich wie Baugrund besteuern: nach Grundfläche.

> Auf die Idee, wonach die Städte sich den bizarren Autowünschen anpassen müssten, kann man nur kommen, wenn man das seit Jahrtausenden kaum größer gewordene menschliche Hirn ständig andieselt.

I really like Alexis C. Madrigal's take on this. It's relatable and thoughtful. Good read.

> Finally, the Self-Driving Car: Google’s sister company Waymo built the self-driving car. Now it needs to bring it to life.

This is great. I wonder how soon this kind of test will find its way to your average GP, tho. :|

> Scientists develop 10-minute universal cancer test: Inexpensive procedure shows whether patient has cancerous cells in the body, but does not reveal where or how serious it is

First come, first serve: w/ my subscription of the Washington Post comes each month a free 30-day digital subscription for me to give away. I get no kickback, mind — it's just part of my already paid-for sub. Have fun!

Recommended read:

> If the Point of Capitalism is to Escape Capitalism, Then What’s the Point of Capitalism?
> What Would Happen if We Gave Each Other the Things Capitalism Tells Us to Keep From Each Other?

Awesome, I really really hope they succeed:

> Scientists in Australia are attempting to restore the Great Barrier Reef by using IVF-style techniques on coral.

That screenshot of the NASA JPL livestream is basically a room full of redshirts right now. Tempting fate much? ;)

Freunde von mir kämpfen um ihr Tiny House hier in München:

> Iris und Christian Vilsmaier träumen von einem Leben ohne allzu viel Ballast in einem autarken, fahrbaren Wohnmodul. Zuvor aber gilt es, die Hürden des strengen deutschen Baurechts zu überwinden und ein geeignetes städtisches Grundstück zu finden

Mir persönlich wäre es nix, aber ich finde es irre inspirierend, wie sie sich in das Thema reinknien! 💚

Alter. Das ist ja mal gar nicht gruselig.

> Rechtes Netzwerk in der Bundeswehr:
Hannibals Schattenarmee!5548926/?&utm_term=0_9

Whoa, there.

> EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies - MIT Technology Review
> […] a team at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in Shenzhen, has been recruiting couples in an effort to create the first gene-edited babies. They planned to eliminate a gene called CCR5 in hopes of rendering the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox, and cholera.

Schönes Gespräch zwischen 5 Wissenschaftlern/Denkern, wohin die Reise vermutlich geht:

> From Gene Editing to A.I., How Will Technology Transform Humanity? - The New York Times

! Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system to replace credit cards. It uses its own currency, "Q", and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they're allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now. Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. Nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method a Q can be worth a lot. Here is my invite link:

Checked out Pop!_OS, came away impressed. I currently have no intention of leaving macOS behind but if I had to, Pop! would probably my starting point.

> Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet, a tech firm, is planning to launch the world’s first commercial driverless taxi service early next month in Phoenix, Arizona. Waymo, which has yet to announce a name or launch date for the service, is also aiming to put autonomous taxis on the streets of California next year.

They're not the only ones, mind. Exciting times!

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