Nice blog post by a Munich blogger about my company .

> Re-Use and Recycle are not new ideas, but innovative startups like RECUP make it easier and more cost-effective for consumers as well as companies to reduce waste. RECUP offers a way to take your coffee-to-go in your own cup, even when you forget yours at home. How does this help the environment?

Not a paid endorsement, I swear. :)

@carlo Sry, but I prefer my own thermal cup for coffee to go. Just wash it at home and you are done. No plastic and no litter at the city ...

@blub @carlo As I read the article, his market is people who do not ordinarily haul their own cup from place to place but who buy hot drinks to go on a regular basis.

E.g., on a long drive I might stop for coffee 3‒4 times. I don't give enough of a shite about the environment to carry my own, but as I stop for my first cup, I'd gladly “borrow” one of @carlo's containers and leave it in the car until I reach my last rest stop, at which point I would return it.

Sounds like a decent idea. 👍

@blub @carlo Besides which, I would like to know just how recyclable your “thermal cup” is.

@61 @blub Yes, that's exactly how it works. Pick up your cup at café/bakery X and return it at coffeeshop/restaurant Y. You get the €1 for the cup back, and that's that.

That is a great idea @carlo and I admire you for making this happen.

A fantastic example of lateral thinking too, and getting on the environmental bandwagon selfish people like me who are not keen on recycling and all that.

I wish you the best of success. If I come across one of your cups, I'm totally buying! 👍

I might even suggest it to some of my clients. Offices waste lots of cups too.


@61 @blub Sweet. ;) Where are you based, if you don't mind me asking?

@blub And that is absolutely laudable and I think no one at RECUP would tell you otherwise. Please keep it up, seriously! :)

Personally, I prefer sitting my ass down for a coffee and using a real cup.

Also, we actually do not sell cups (they remain property of RECUP), we sell a service. Our goal is to get rid of disposable cups, we want our fellow humans to think about their environmental impact.

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