Two nights ago, I've finished Dragon Age: Inquisition (Trespasser). Wow. What a journey, what a game. 160h+, and so many feels.

I'll always remember the time when the Inquisitor was me.

I started it last weekend (again, on Xbox, tried on PC and couldn't get into it). Enjoying it more on console, though so far prefer the earlier games. I'll stick with it. 👍

@andy Have fun! That game is crazy. About 15-20h in I thought I had reached the final battle but it turned out all I was nearing was the end of the tutorial section (kinda-sorta).

That was back in 2016, mind. I had put it away after 60h or so, then picked up my old saves ~2 years later and kept going. I love single player RPG games with their inherent respect for my own pace.

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