NATIVE SPEAKERS: what's the best, mostest correctest term for the hot beverages sold by Starbucks, coffee shops etc? Is it "take out coffee"? "Coffee to go"?

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@carlo Where I am from in the USA it's common to say "I'd like a ________ to go" when ordering at a register.

@carlo Also the phrase "Take away" that's common here in Switzerland would be viewed almost certainly as "broken English" back in the USA.

Instead it is common to use "take out" as a noun for "the food that I will be taking away from the restaurant to consume elsewhere".

Ex: "Hey how do you feel about getting some take out from the new Mongolian place down the street?"

@carlo Since Coffee is a liquid and not a food, referring to it as "take out" is conceptually strange.

Ex: "I got a coffee to-go" sounds normal, "I got a coffee take out" or "I got a coffee take away" both sound strange.

IDK how things are in the UK with the Queen's English.

@cj Thanks!

Also: I wholeheartedly approve of your profile picture choice.

@carlo just "coffee"? I might say coffee to go but that's an instruction, not a name of the product

@stardot Tru dat, but if the store sells coffee for sitting down there and coffee for when you're on the run, how do you specify your order?

@carlo they usually say "are you sitting in or taking out" and you just answer that question. It's not really been folded into the product name, at least not for me but then I rarely buy coffee from shops like that, I'm still a bit concerned when they ask for my name.

@carlo I wouldn't say "mostest correctest term". I would say "most correct"...

Well, how are you using that in a sentence?

Are you asking the barista for a cup?

If so, yes "can I have one coffee to go" would be a way of saying that.

But in Australia, "take out coffee" might make sense since they use the term "take out" more often. In California, at least, I hear "coffee to go" very often.

Se habla espaรฑol?

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