That screenshot of the NASA JPL livestream is basically a room full of redshirts right now. Tempting fate much? ;)

🍞 I made a loaf of bread! No pre-packaged mix or anything, just two types of flour, sourdough starter, yeast, water, salt, and olive oil (which I forgot to add, actually).

It's currently cooling off in the kitchen. It's probably bland and unspectacular and I will like it all the same because, and I can't stress this enough, I made it with my own two hands.

I feel like a goddamn winner already.

I give a shit about climate change, clean energy and overall survival of our species. That's why I like & read "Important, Not Important", a weekly newsletter whose editors' anxiety slash smoldering rage can be felt in every issue. The issues are not too short, not too long, each contains a couple of interesting links, and that's why I recommend it.


I love you, Keyboard Maestro. (But you people probably know that by now.)

Every 5 minutes, and at system wake, check the current hour and set macOS' Dark Mode accordingly. (Disable at 07 AM, enable at 7 PM, check at wake.)

Saw that custom shop truck in Munich the other day. What a hilarious little hog!

I can't concentrate on that X4 video because of the totally fucked-up kerning of the on-screen text. Srsly, what are they thinking?!

My new comfort food/show: β€œCar Masters: Rust to Riches” on Netflix It's like Bob Ross but with carburetors (whatever that is) and I find it oddly soothing.

A bit like Fast'n'Loud ca. season 4.

Alright, so you can move notes/folders between Apple Notes accounts after all which is good!

But then I noticed that some of the formatting options are disabled for IMAP accounts which is not good. You can't have active/clickable links, for example. Embeds like images are okay, but PDFs will be shown as icons (as opposed to full preview in "native" accounts).

Mastodon pro tipp: if you want to fully leave Twitter and Facebook behind, you can add some rules to your uBlock Origin, so you don't see any timeline widgets anymore. (I can do without them.) The rules in question:

* * block
* * block

Meaning: "on any page block any calls to those domains".

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