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Both exciting and depressing AF. But to be honest, these days that rings true for many a topic, doesn't it?

> Two sick children and a $1.5 million bill: One family’s race for a gene therapy cure
> One day, gene therapy may help with the rarest of diseases. Some parents aren’t waiting.

Submitted my sitemap to Bing about two weeks ago, it's still marked as "pending". Thanks, Bing.

Disclaimer: I don't actually use Bing directly, but I want my blog to be searchable with Duckduckgo.

First come, first serve:

As a Premium Subscriber to The Washington Post, I'm able to share with you a free 30-day digital subscription pass. The pass requires no obligation from you, honestly.

I'll be honest, this is gonna be confusing

> Carlo provides Node applications with Google Chrome rendering capabilities. Carlo communicates with the locally-installed browser instance using the Puppeteer project. Carlo also provides remote call infrastructure for communication between Node and the browser.

Spoiler: I don't *at all*.

5000+ Teilnehmer auf der -Demo in München (laut Veranstalter auf der Bühne). Läuft!

NSDAfD, nicht mit uns.

Interesting list, I need to read up on a few of those names and treatments:

> Innovations That May Make Reversing Aging A Reality | Anti-Aging News

The CEO of Twilio in a good post over at Medium:

> That’s why we at Twilio banned not just hate speech, but any organization whose primary purpose is spreading hate. It’s in our control to decide who uses our product, and from whom we take money.

Very laudable!

Wusstet ihr, dass es in über 60 öffentliche Trinkwasser-Brunnen gibt? Ich nicht. livelifegreen hat eine Karte.

Es ist soweit!

"#Mastodon und Haftung für dezentrale Netzwerke – #Rechtsbelehrung Folge 60" 🐘🎧 Malte Engeler (u.a. von @DeathMetalMods) & geben Tipps für Instanzbetreiber und blicken rechtlich in die Zukunft der Online-Kommunikation, während ich versuche das Ganze zu er- und hinterfragen. #podcast #dsgvo #tmg #tkg #overTheTop

“Retweets prey on users’ worst instincts. They delude Twitter users into thinking that they’re contributing to thoughtful discourse by endlessly amplifying other people’s points—the digital equivalent of shouting “Yeah, what they said!” in the midst of an argument.”

#social #twitter

Quick fascinating read in the NYT:

> Once Paralyzed, Three Men Take Steps Again With Spinal Implant: An experimental, pacemaker-like device offers hope for treating spinal injuries.

TIL people play wheelchair rugby. That is baller

Want to know where the term "meritocracy" comes from? Here's a somewhat long, very thoughtful and interesting read on that and on the man who coined it.

I really dig the new season of so far. "Rosa" was marvelous. I love that the show is telling stories like that and taking a strong stance. (I hate that that is still necessary.)

I finally, FINALLY found a succinct explanation on how to install a custom SSL certificate for a local development server in Firefox.

You live, you learn. :)

Azeem Azhar ponders the definition of "hard skills" vs "soft skills" in this week's issue of EV (section "Dept of talent"). Great read:

> The origin of the dichotomy comes from a US Army assessment between 1960-1970. Hard skills were hard because they were well-defined and straightforward. Soft skills were soft because “we don't know much about the physical and social environments in which the skill occurs […]

He proposes a rebrand.

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